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Express your ideas in a way that seemed impossible before. i-Reality empowers the analog world with digital attributes to create real-life interactive experiences.

i-Reality lets you create an immersive brand experience using state-of-the-art sensor & motor technologies with projected AR. Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your vision in an exciting, memorable way that draws engagement.

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Our latest activation allows anyone to discover the hottest topic of our time in person. Paint a sketch and let the AI enhance it!

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Smart City 360 – Deutsche Telekom, Smart City World Expo, Barcelona

With this project, we did the opposite of what we normally do. Instead of adding digital attributes to a real-life space, we created an exact virtual image of one of Budapest’s iconic spots and set up a real-time connection between the two. We synchronized the virtual events with those that happened in real life using Deutsche Telekom’s IoT sensors at the actual location. For example, the traffic lights changed when they did in real life, and trams arrived at the same time as they did in reality.

Network security demo – T-Systems, Smart City World Expo, Barcelona

Our goal was to demonstrate the role of network firewalls in a spectacular and straight-forward way. We built a real-life demo table with actual dominoes to demonstrate the cascade effect which different cyber-attacks could cause in everyday life the areas of transport, finance, health care and public administration. A unique attribute of the demo table is that – like in any digital game – it can be restarted at any point, resetting the dominoes to an upright position.

Fragile peace – A New World was Born Exhibition, Budapest

We built an interactive installation to demonstrate the fragility of peace treaties between the two world wars. We set up the installation in a replica of the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles complete with the gold relief decorated walls and antique hardwood floor. We created the image of the cracked hardwood floor with ultra-high-resolution projected AR and tracked the steps of a large number of visitors with special 3D cameras which we programed to only map a specific range of space in the room so that they could essentially see through the baroque chandeliers. By doing so, we were able to break the beautiful 100m2 floor to pieces and put it back together minute by minute as visitors walked through the room of fragile peace.

Projected mobility demo – NNG, CES

We aimed to demonstrate NNG’s mobility portfolio in a spectacular and out-of-the-ordinary manner. With the help of projected AR technology, we let the visitors experience what it would be like to ride in an autonomous car by interacting with the plain, painted wall of the booth.

i-Reality is more than just a device. Supported by a team of inspired developers and creative professionals, i-Reality aligns to your unique goals and fits any concept to help you create a remarkable brand experience. Demonstrate your ideas in a powerful way that people will remember. Merge real-life and virtual spaces and let your customers interact with augmented reality without a screen or device.
Make analog reality interactive.

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